Local moon/local sun not initialized

Hi everybody. Since the last stable update (i’m not using snapshot) my local moon and local sun data are uninitialized every time i restart OH or the server itself.
Strange thing is if i change some of the information requested, the binding is initialized correctly.
For example, if i add 1 meter to the altitude.

I’m the only one experiencing this behaviour?

Check the release notes at the bottom for the astro binding, config has changed:

Astro Binding

The altitude configuration parameter has been removed as the altitude can now be specified as a third segment in the geolocation parameter. If you have specified your sun and moon through things-files, please update them accordingly.

Hi @sihui thanks for the prompt answer! I already red this note but i don’t understand where to fill geolocation info.
I configured local moon and sun using paperUI, where i can found these parameters? Sorry if the question is stupid but i really can’t find them.

PaperUI -> Configuration -> System -> Regional Settings

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ok done! But if i restart services i still get UNINITIALIZED - HANDLER_INITIALIZING_ERROR.
Same behviour as before, if i change something in local moon or sun dat, then the item get initialized.

Hmm, indeed strange.
The astro binding has so many issues since about #930 that I cannot catch up anymore …
Sorry, no more ideas.

I agree… lot of issues, Thanks anyway.
One last question - you know where i can find an official thread about this bug?

Because the astro binding is part of ESH you will find the open issues here:

Type “astro” to see only the open astro issues.

Hi, just an update from my installation. Last friday i switched to the latest snapshot releases, many issues regarding astro binding already disappeared, i hope also the “weekly restart workaround” won’t be needed anymore.