Local (only) API for bigassfan

Hi @mhilbush – thanks for your great work on the bigassfan binding. I’m about to buy a new ceiling fan and as I want it to integrate with OH, I checked what bindings existed. The intersection of efficient DC motors and OH support seems to be only one option: the bigassfan Haiku. (Which I hope also applies to the cheaper Haiku L…?) I couldn’t find this info in the binding documentation so I thought I’d ask. Can the fan operate in local-only mode? Or do I need to cloud-connect it for initial setup then I could block it from getting internet access afterward? I prefer to not allow IoT devices access to the external internet.

There is a model that uses a different protocol, and hence is not compatible with the binding.

I have the L-series and the I-series fans. IIRC, the I-series included WiFi support. But the L-series (at least when I bought mine ~5 years ago) needed an add-on WiFi module.

The fan operates in local mode only. There is no cloud component. The binding (and the smartphone app) talk to the fan directly over WiFi.

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Good catch, it looks like the L series needs this thing: Haiku L Wi-Fi Module L2 US/CA
Another $50 on top of an already rather expensive fan… when options exist (AC motors) at 10% of the price, it’s a tough sell. I know it’s very OT but would you recommend these fans, in general? Elsewhere in my house we have AC motor based ceiling fans and they are quiet enough.

But that’s awesome it’s a local API! I figured it would be “cloud-y” given most other app-based wifi smart gadgets are. Nice to be pleasantly surprised, and that alone might be enough to sell me on the BigAssFan :slight_smile:

I have 3 of the fans. One in the bedroom, one in the office, and one on a screened porch. They are super quiet and very reliable. And, after 5 years, they look and work just like the day I bought them.

But, they definitely are not cheap. In my case, I added the fans as part of major renovation project, so the cost of the fans was buried in the overall noise… LOL

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Thanks for the quick replies!