Localhost:8080 on Windows 7 doesn't work

I have just installed openHab on my Windows 7 computer.
When i try to open openHab dashboard, chrome says that localhost:8080 refused to connect.
Does someone have an idea how to resolve this problem? Is there any workaround ie different options to connect to OpenHab?

Thank you!


OpenHAB ist startet and runs? Don’t close the Karaf-Screen.

i cant open it

i click on openhab dashboard and it redirects me to a chrome page that says

This site can’t be reached
localhost refused to connect.
Did you mean http://localhost-8080.com/?
Search Google for localhost 8080

You have to run the START.bat file in the OpenHab directory…it will pop open a black window which must remain open to use OH. Once it’s open and you see something like the following window you can then launch a browser and try and connect to the localhost address:

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i’l try

Hi @Antonio

Welcome too OpenHAB have a look at the documentation mainly prerequisites and installation on windows

Make sure you have installed java and met the prerequisites first then run the start.bat as admin and then go too localhost:8080 or replace local host with your ip address of the machine running OH