Hi all.

I add this topic as Off-topic as I don’t know where to add it.

Basically I saw in the blog there is the crowdin website to centralize the translation.
I’m able to do translation in Spanish and Catalan but I haven’t seen how to do it.

Is there any kind of translator beginners manual?

As I’m basicaly unable to code in Java and still want to contribute to the community I thought with this but unfortunately I don’t know how to begin.

Any help will be appreciated



I didn’t have time to contribute to the xlations, but I know the following that might help:

openHAB uses: https://crowdin.com/projects?q=openhab (you will need to login)

There is a short intro for xlators on: https://support.crowdin.com/crowdin-intro/

Hello @Sergi_Suarez

You can contribute to translate a new binding: Announcing OpenWeatherMap binding for Eclipse SmartHome / openHAB

Please contact @cweitkamp