Location of addons folder

I did some searches on the forum and docs site, but wasn’t able to find an answer.

I would like to do some beta testing of new bindings and need to put a SNAPSHOT version in the addons folder. By default this folder is not available in an apt-get installation. So I created it myself. This is what I did at the console.


Hope this is of help to others

On my apt-get install, the addons folder is /usr/share/openhab2/addons.

The location is documented here: http://docs.openhab.org/installation/linux.html#file-locations

You are right. And thanks for pointing me to the docs.

The folder was already there. And I posted this too soon, since I was still wondering why my items were not being filled with values. :frowning:

I have removed the code, to prevent others from making the same mistake.

No worries! I was very happy to see that docs.openhab.org is really turning into a resource we can refer to, thanks to some serious work from a few dedicated contributors. I wish I had the time to focus on good contributions there myself.