Location of customized Widgets

Hello all,

Since I had crash with my RPI, I am restoring my openhabian back again. Unfortunately I could not find the place where the customized widgets are stored.
I know the initial happanel page is stored at the following location:


Any idea where the customized widgets can be found?

Thanks in advanced

Does nobody have an idea and can support me?

Many thanks in advance…

I would guess that custom HABPanel components are also stored in a JSONDB, so my guess is that there is another file in the $OPENHAB_USERDATA/jsondb/ folder with habpanel in the name, but that‘s just guessing. I am not using HABPanel anymore, sorry.

Unfortunately not. Somehow the customized widges (self created) are not seen in JSONDB

Any clue where they are?

Try here:
These are for OH3 widgets but not habpanel…

As far as I know they are included in the file: uicomponents_habpanel_panelconfig.json .