Log viewer not available OPENHABIAN

I had an openhabian image, made backup.zip, then I installed openhabian as a raspbian application, made restore from previous backup …

I have the following problems:

1 - log viewer not available, I attach screen putty
2 - offline waitin connection be as aviable openhab while in basicUI


Did you choose the menu option to install frontail ? It is a separate application.

What menu option do you speak of? As I mentioned earlier I made the restore from backup.zip to get back all the configuration … When I found this problem I tried to install log from openhabian-config but nothing doesn’t finish

I do not have my system available but hopefully I can steer you in the proper direction.
Run sudo openhabian-config and select 60 Manual / Fresh Setup. There should be an option there to select Frontail Log Viewer.

After the fresh install if you still have no Frontail log view then, in openhabian-config, select option 20 (Optional Components) then select 21 (Frontail log view).

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I knew there was more than one way to get there but I could not find your way in the weekend… :wink:

solved new installation and added logviewer from openhabian-config

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