Log Viewer not available

Hello guys,
using latest Opanhab works, commands are working, IOS App is working, UIs are working, everything is fine except one issue: i cant access the log viewer, it simply times out, no matter if i use http://openhabianpi:9001/ or IP:9001. It did work until yesterday, when my Alexa commands didnt work and i restartet my Pi (Alexa is working again).
I got no idea where to start looking for the issue and appreciate your help!

If it is a openHABian-installation there is
21 | Log Viewer openHAB Log Viewer webapp (frontail)

nice idea, i just noticed i cant login using ssh/Putty any more. I can enter user and password and then it ends connection. Using Terminus it says something like no key selected…
i will check it tomorrow with the pi connected to a monitor.

it looks like a corrupted sd card perhaps, getting the error “Kernel panic - not syncing: Attempted to kill init! exitcode=0x0000000b”.
I will try to save everything from the card and setting up openhabian on a new card, copying the saved stuff after that, as repairing this error (after using google with it) goes far, far beyond my skills…

I have a similar issue that logging in to “https://home.myopenhab.org/” and then logging in to my account I can access the UI but can not view the “Log Viewer” if attempted the address that Openhab.org tries to access is: “http://openhabianpi:9001/” and that does not work.

NOTE: that I’m doing this from outside of my home network

Is there any way to use myopenhab account log in to view the Log Viewer via web page interface rather than SSH? Something like:



did you work this out?

By completely reinstalling, yes… :frowning:

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Do I need port forwarding for 9001 to make log viewer working?