Log viewer problem

I have a clean install of Ubuntu 20.04.

I installed the “stable” openhab repositories and install using apt-get install openhab2.

Everything works ok except the log viewer. When I click on it there is a slight pause and then it gives me a refused to connect error.

I don’t know what the openhab2-addons package contains but I installed that too in case it was required but it still gives the refused to connect error.

Any ideas?

OpenHAB has no built in log viewer.

OpenHABian, designed for the Raspberry Pi lets you install a customized version of the frontail log viewer

Can you show us what you mean by log viewer?


The log viewer on the openhab2 landing page


That looks like the Frontail log viewer that can be installed as part of openHABian, not openHAB. OPenHAB itself has no log viewer.

If you are indeed running openHABian, you would have done something like this, not what you posted. OPenHABian cannot be installed strictly with apt.

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for answering.

I was running openHABian but my RPi became unreliable. I created a backup using the provided backup script and restored that onto a Intel Nuc running Ubuntu 20.04 with openHAB2 installed from the apt repositories.

I don’t mind using tail from a ssh connection to see the logging.

Is there anyway to remove the link from the landing page?

Try installing openHABian on the NUC following the link above. It uses the apt repos for openHAB anyway.

If you are not using Zulu Java it may want to change that.

You could always install and configure Frontail if you didn’t want to run openHABian on the Ubuntu as Bruce suggests (it should work).

But if you just want to remove it from the dashboard, you can find an entry in /etc/openhab2/services/dashboard.cfg. It should be pretty obvious which entries to remove. I don’t have an openHABian with Frontail so I can’t tell you exactly. There should be three entries for the log viewer.

The interesting part is, howcome there is a link to the openhab logviewer, if it has not beeing installed.

I think he has hit the same issue I posted a thread about the other day, specially if he has installed openhabian… (No need to continue that part of the discussion though).

You copied an openHABian backup into openHAB. They are 2 different products. You had frontail installed on openHABian but is is not installed on the NUC.
@mstormi can explain the differences better.

I dont see where backup is mentioned… But ofcouse that would explain the situation.

No need… We have already been there in the other thread :slight_smile:

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You missed this post. It was not in the original one.

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Your right… I totally missed that part… Sorry!

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