Logging configuration - how to turn off debug mode in apt-get / systemctl start openhab install? [SOLVED]

I probably did this to myself at sompoint but…

My logback.xml does not appear to be controlling my logging because I am getting tons of [DEBUG] info yet these are not set to DEBUG in logback.xml.

So perhaps my apt-get install of openhab 1.8.1 is using logback_debug.xml.

How do I set it back to using logback.xml?

Where does openhab point to logback_debug.xml?
I’m using:
sudo systemctl start openhab

So it appears I have somehow set the debug mode in OH 1.8.1 to on.
How do I turn debug mode off or set it back to “normal”?

Dang, I needed to go into:
and edit “openhab” file from

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