Logging event trigger source

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: Pi
    • OS: Openhabian
      *Binding: LCN
      I’m desperately searching the trigger source of an event.
      In particular a setpoint is reset after 90s and I only can see that it is being reset.
      How can I change the logging configuration to point it out?

events.log only shows that an event occurred. You will have to increase the logging level to DEBUG or TRACE on binding and add logging to any rules you might have that interact with this Item.

Without any information, I’d guess what’s happening is:

  1. OH sends a command to the Item
  2. Autoupdate updates the Item based on a prediction of what the Item should become in response to the command
  3. The binding sends the command out to the device
  4. For some reason the device doesn’t get the command or fails to process the command
  5. The device reports it’s current state which is the old state
  6. The binding receives that update and updates the Item
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