Logging in Windows stopped working

OS: windows 10
openHAB version: 2.5.0-SNAPSHOT Build #1480

Some time ago and through several versions logging ceased and log:tail no longer displays data. Rest of the system is functioning fine. I’ve looked through the community and tried some of the recommendations however they primarily seem to be linux related. I’ve just been putting up with it but recently trying to extend the system and running into issues where logging is essential. Wondering if anyone has some ideas where to start looking with openhab on windows.

Thanks in advance

This is just guessing, but maybe openhab.log is in some different folder, try searching for the file.

Thanks rossko57

Sorry about the delay in responding.

I did as you suggested and found openhab.log in var/log/openhab2 created on the 23rd January which is was weird because I had renamed var to varold sometime ago because the files weren’t updating and wanted to see if it was recreated.

The files are in there and are updating as normal, log:tail has also started working so something I had done may have rectified the situation but may have taken some time to kick in.

Appreciate your response.


My Win7 OH2.4 logs go into
I’ve never tinkered with location