Logic ON/OFF with two siwtch lights

como se hace esto.

In the recomendations of the manufacturer says can not haceresta connection. By code but he would remain a switch can not connect to the bulb


I’m afraid I haven’t a clue what you mean. Looks like you want a 2-gang light switch wired up and controllable from OpenHAB?
Although we face a language barrier, a technical drawing (wiring schema) would say a million words :wink:




This is a picture about the connection. Also there is an article.

This is what I want to do.

But seeing the product manufacturer can not connect two switch to a bulb.

I see. I’m sorry, that’s a pity.

This is the basic design of dual switches for a single light. It however implies using NC+NO relays (see L1, L2).

There’s nothing preventing you from installing a ‘custom’ switch, which in turn tells OpenHAB to control the WeMo or controls the WeMo directly…

But it needs a relay which is activated at 120 volts.
Can you help me find the relay which is activated at 120 volts?

Hehe, that’s not quite what I had in mind…!

If you want to go with the ‘classic’ method as depicted in my post above, you can use a much more practical signal voltage (around 5 - 24V) to operate the two relays. In addition to that, you would need two (or more :grinning:) switches that you can connect to OpenHAB.

If you currently have a single WeMo set up and working, and you just want another switch, I would consider a custom switch (RF, Ethernet, Bluetooth, whatever) that is connected to OpenHAB.

The schema that you posted would work, but I don’t get the 120V signal usage?

I had thought about it for custom switch.

The second switch Wemo not connect to the bulb.

Just change the status of wemo1 and vice versa.

Yes, exactly!