Logical operation in the widget is not working

I’m perplexed by the behaviour of one widget.

The color of the value is conditional and in all 3 items the code is exactly the same

color: '=items.LOAD_phase_1_power.state > items.LOAD_phase_limit.state ? "red" :  "gray"'
color: '=items.LOAD_phase_2_power.state > items.LOAD_phase_limit.state ? "red" :  "gray"'
color: '=items.LOAD_phase_3_power.state > items.LOAD_phase_limit.state ? "red" :  "gray"'

just with the difference of the phase number. HOW COME the phase2 condition comes up true???


The conditions are wrong also in the scrachpad.

That is impossible. if I play in the limit slider I noticed that it this condition changes to false when LOAD_phase_limit.state is 2000 as if the LOAD_phase_2_power.state is taken into this condition multipied by 10, but then when set to 600 is evaluated false for all 3 phases so in that moment phase_1 and phase_3 is wrong. so it is random.


AFAIK state is a string therefore operators as > will not give expected results. Try something like

Number.parseFloat(items.LOAD_phase_1_power.state) > Number.parseFloat(items.LOAD_phase_limit.state)

Answering from my phone so syntax might not be 100% correct but you should get the idea …


state is always a string in the widgets, so you are doing a string comparison not a numerical comparison. You want:

color: '=Number(items.LOAD_phase_1_power.state) > Number(items.LOAD_phase_limit.state) ? "red" :  "gray"'

Allow me to add - there is a small difference between the answers:

parseFloat will only parse an input up to the point where it stops making sense, and return that number. For example, numbers with units after the number can be parsed because the number comes before the unit:

Number.parseFloat("3px"); // => 3
Number.parseFloat("9,59 €"); // => 9

On the other hand, Number will try to parse the whole value as a number, including any text:

Number("3px"); // => NaN
Number("9,59 €"); // => NaN

This will come into play when you have a quantity associated with state, i.e. 30 °C where

Number.parseFloat("30 °C") // => 30


Number("30 °C") // => NaN

so the Number.parseFloat might be a bit “safer”. More details here.

EDIT: Please note, while Number.parseFloat("30 °C") will be able to parse numerical value from string, it will not do any conversion, so

Number.parseFloat("30 °C") == Number.parseFloat("30 °F") // => true !!!

Many thanks guys ! fixed it in a blink of an eye.