Hello All

The house I bought has an old legacy domotics system which still works but can no longer be extended. My intention is to use OpenHab to integrate it together with 1 or more other technologies.
I must then of course choose what those other technologies will be. I stumbled upon this thing, which seems to be a controller that speaks many languages: http://openrb.com/logicmachine5-power-pmc/
However, apart from the manufacturers website I could not find much about this product. I didn’t even find any webshop that sells it.
Can anyone comment if this would be a good device, if it works with OpenHab and if there are any similar/better alternatives?

From the description it sounds like it should work with OH though it might take some effort and coding on your part depending on how the API is exposed.

But, except for the fact that it comes with all those technologies built in it really sounds like there is a lot of overlap between what it provides and what OH provides so I’m not sure how much benefit integrating the two would provide.

Essentially all the technologies listed are supported by OH so OH can itself be your controller which is a pretty standard approach.

I’ve no direct experience with this device though so really know no more than what a quick scan of their webpage provides. Perhaps someone else on the forum would be more helpful.

Here is similar controller review in russian.

Here is new version of Wirenboard MQTT based controller, and other devices
Quality made and low cost.

Thanks for your feedback.
My thinking was the following: most technologies, like z-wave, modbus, etc, probably require some kind of “controller” (or base-station or whatever) that communicates with the devices, and to which openHAB can communicate over tcp/ip. By buying this kind of integrated device I would have a controller for several protocols at once, making it more economical.
Of course I don’t really want to add another layer of middle-ware in the stack.
I guess I need to deepen my understanding of some of these technologies before I can make an educated decision.
Those Russian devices are cheap for sure. I see it runs Linux. The best thing ever would be to find a device like that can run OpenHAB.