Login Password for remote access

Hi all

I have a questtion about the remote access to openhab.
Besides my openhab cloud access I activated my reverse proxy on apache for port 443 to port 8080 again (already had it active with OH1). Now my problem is, that OH wants a login and I’ve no idea which one. I’ve tried my admin login, but it does not work. When I access the server directly I can reach it without any problems.

Can anyone give me a hint how to find the login data.

BTW: the reverse proxy uses Basic Authentification. So currently I have to enter 2x login data. Will this work with the android app?


I have an nginx reverse proxy with OH2 and the iPhone app works with that. I used DuckDNS to set up a name & LetsEncrypt for the ssl certificate.

What OH version are you currently using? 3.1M3 has been causing an issue with apache reverse proxies:

Hi Justin

Thank you for your answer.
I’m using OH 3.0.1. When I look at the post you’ve mentioned, it looks interesting. As this has is not a high priority topic for me (ohcloud is still running) and I’m currenty quite busy I’ll have a closer look at it when there is more time…


Did you find a solution for this?
I have the same, even though I am running OH 3.1: on local network, there is no login (apart the ability to login as an admin, but that comes after one has connection to OH)
For remote access, I have a reverse proxy (nginx) setup that worked for OH 2.4.
It asks for nginx password, as expected, but after that I get a login window titled “openHAB” and subtitled with the domain name. It asks for username an password and I have no idea what login to use - it is neither the nginx login nor the OH admin login…

Not really.
Currently I come around this problem by using a Wireguard Client on my phone. With this, I use local access even when not at home :wink:


I will have to do something similar…
Weird that nobody seems to know about the login window - I am pretty sure it is made by openHAB, so someone had to put it there…