Login to MainUI with username/password in URL?


If a post exists out there I can’t find it.

I have a dashboard page I want to display using digital signage service screenly/anthius but I can’t connect to that display to enter username/password with either a real keyboard/mouse or VNC.

Can I login to MainUI with a username/password or token in the url? Can’t seem to get it to work even with url-encoding. or Can I turn off authentication?

Why do you need to log in? If you have Settings → API Security → Implicit User Role enabled then accessing MainUI without logging in is treated the same as if one logged in as a regular user. You’d only need to log in as an admin user to change things, which you wouldn’t want to have on a digital sign anyway.

But if you go to that same API Security page, there is an option to enable Basic Auth. Assuming your signage allows it (many browsers do not any more) you can supply the username and password as part of the URL using the standard Basic Auth standard.


Thanks - I was looking at it totally wrong. I didn’t realize the API Security affected the UI and not just the API. By the time I was at this point I was already aggravated with Anthius, had gone down several paths with trying to manage the UI and just needed to get this working!

So, here is where I am challenged.

With the API security on, I can display content from the Overview page. No problem.

However, if I pass it a URL to a page, the page displays without a permissions warning, but also without displaying a single label cell as the only widget on the page.

If I disable basic authentication, I do get a permissions warning.

Running 4.0.3 on docker.