Logitech Harmony Sitemap and Items

Does anyone have a good buildout of a remote for their equipment. Basically I have harmony controlling my receiver, cable box, apple tv, tv. I have the basic switch item that controls the activity, but need ideas how to efficently map out all my other buttons like volume up / down cable menu, tv input, things like that.

I use switch mappings in my sitemap, for example:

Switch item=HarmonyHubCasitaActivity label="Current Activity" mappings=[PowerOff='PowerOff',Roku='Roku',TiVo='TiVo','APPLE TV'='APPLE TV']
Switch item=HarmonyHubCasitaYamaha label="Volume" mappings=[VolumeUp='+', VolumeDown='-']
Switch item=HarmonyHubCasitaTivo label="Control" mappings=[Rewind='<<', Play='>', Pause='||', FastForward='>>']
Switch item=HarmonyHubCasitaTivo label="Control" mappings=[DirectionDown='-', DirectionLeft='<',DirectionRight='>',DirectionUp='+']`

Can I trouble you for what the items file looks like? I’m still getting used to all this.


Of course:

String HarmonyHubCasitaActivity "activity [%s]" { harmonyhub="<[HarmonyHubCasita:currentActivity]" }
String HarmonyHubCasitaYamaha   "Yamaha"        { harmonyhub=">[HarmonyHubCasita:press:Yamaha AV Receiver]",autoupdate="false" }
String HarmonyHubCasitaTivo   "TiVo"        { harmonyhub=">[HarmonyHubCasita:press:TiVo DVR]",autoupdate="false" }

Thanks that helps out a bunch.