Logo of Forum App and OpenHAB App identical

Dear all,

since the last update, both logos are identical. On my phone, the name below the logos only says “OpenHAB…” in both cases, making it impossible to distinguish between both apps.

Is there a chance to change the logo per app slightly to resolve this?


What forum app? should be discourse, which is very different to the openHAB logo…

Since which update?
My guess, you are using just a browser, in this case browsing to the Community Tab from any other subpage of openhab.org like the documentation page does show the same logo, the link behind however is different. But that didn’t change recently!

Indeed, it seems I simply added the browser page to my launcher. But anyways, now both the link to the page and the OpenHAB App have the same icon on my launcher…

Quite unpractical :frowning:

If I make a desktopwebsite fro the community page tout is under titled “openHAB community”. ( Android phone and Chrome browser)

Yes, but my launcher shortens the title to “Open HAB…” for both icons. That is the problem.

Put them on different pages :sunglasses:


Very pragmatic. Not the way it should be…

Rename the link (or use discourse app to open the forum)

Thanks. This would work.

Still, this is only a workaround. But wouldn’t it be reasonable to resolve the root cause?

No, as both the forum and the official app are using the official icon, and that’s totally correct. Maybe consider to rename your direct link to something other than openHAB community :wink: - obviously, you can’t rename the app…