LOGOELE 10-channel AC Current Transmitter RS485

Hello folks,

By any chance anyone of you have been able to integrate by Modbus this device (see link/picture below)?

On paper it is amazing, as it is very compact and able to read up to 10 current loads (50A each).

Just to share, my plan is to add a proper energy meter on the main line, get voltage, frequency, current, cosphi, etc… and then only collect from sub-loads amperes from the main panel (oven, fridge, lights, washing machine, aircon, etc…).

Then once I have voltage, cosphi and each currents, I can easily calculate the energy consumption for each loads without the need of installing a lot of expensive energy meters (e.g. SDM120) for each loads or get data from unreliable WiFi smart socketes that they could even switch off my load (e.g. Sonoff POW or Shelly).

Yeah, I know I could have used the OpenEnergyMonitor, but the Logoele has far more channels, it is a cost saver, it is tidier and with a less foot print (I want to fit on a din rail).

Bad side is that I have not been able to make it work (I just get zeros), documentation is simply ridiculous and I had zero support from the supplier in order to get testing software or examples with common modbus scanner (e.g Modscan).