Logreader - godsend! - Monitoring multiple patterns

I just found this binding last night…so useful. Especiallyas I just changed my developing model from direct on the server (two windows, one with thing being changed and other with a log tail) to VSCode on one machine committing to git, then openhab server pulling…all manual, but I’d forget to run a tail before the git pull.

So with the log reader I’ve now got a thing with ERROR+ and a customer event for “[cC]onfiguration” which are validation failures on a bad item, thing, rule.

logreader:reader:openhablog "Openhab logs" [filePath="${OPENHAB_LOGDIR}/openhab.log", refreshRate=1000, errorPatterns="ERROR+",customPatterns="[cC]onfiguration"]

Question though, if I had a bunch of different conditions for custom (or warn/error for that matter), how would I parse them?

Would I create different things? with a different specific pattern?
Or would I have one catchall rule and use a regex in the rule on the particular level item string and use that to determine the messages I care about?

I don’t use this binding and worrying about efficiency is often not worth the time in this problem space, I would probably use a Rule with REGEX to identify the different custom log types. Otherwise you will have two things simultaneously reading from and reporting on the same log file.

But ultimately I think either approach is viable.

Yeah that’s what I was picking. I just thought there might have been something in the thing definition that might have been hiding from me