Long delay until javascript runs first time

After a restart of openhab, my JS scripts (Edition 11) require 16 seconds until they are executed the first time. The second time they run immediately as expected.
Did anybody else notice this behaviour?
Is there anythng we can do about it?

I must admit I have the feeling that the delay is increasing each time we have a new release or milestone but I might be wrong.

Using OH3.3M2, JS scripts are created in MainUI

Rich already gave an some information in another thread

I’ve got the same issue (3.2 stable). This issue doesn’t happen with the DSL rules for me, only with the new JavaScript (Edition 11).


Yes, DSL rules work without any delays for me, too.

UI or file based rules or both?

DSL rules are file based and have no delay
JS scripts are UI based and have the mentioned delay

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