Longest uptime for OH2? Lets see it!

I’m happy mines been quite stable and solid for a little now since moving to a QNAP VM!

Given mines development it’s not unusual to have it restarted many times but thus far, 21 days.

I run full system (all my computers and VMs) updates several times a week. Because I run in Docker that means creating a new container several times a week so my OH uptimes tend to be in the two to three days range. But some of my RPis that don’t change much will have uptimes in the months. I think nine months is my record and the reason for rebooting the devices tend to be because of a power outage.

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9 months! nice! Id love to see systems in the years :slight_smile:

You probably won’t get anyone posting as the people who have systems running for very long times are the ones that never upgrade and hence will not be on the forum very often. Last week I saw a user of openhab v1 had to create a new forum account to post as openhab used to use a mailing list instead of a forum not that long ago.
If you are wanting long uptimes then you probably want a system with ecc ram and something better than a raspberry pi and an oversized ups to handle longer power outagges.

Personally a cheaper setup is fine for me with a monthly reboot when doing security updates helps to keep things running just fine without needing to spend heaps on a proper server with ecc ram.