Lookig for a good ZWAVE thermostate

Dear all!

This is my first message,I am really amazing about this powerfull tool. I am not a Linux User and my first touch was with OH" under LINUX…I had to install ubuntu I had to learn what was a root user and…I had to read and write in Inglish…very difficult witha man with two childrens and no time…

At this moment a I have a OH2 under Windows10 withs a UZB tongue and 4 Fibaro Rollers shutters , working fine and with one Rule!! I was a great miracle for me.

My next step will be to buy a chronothermostate but reading and reading I can not find the good one for me:

CT101 is sold out
Nest: expensive
Netamo: Expensive too (Do I have to remember that i have to childs? :-))
SCS317: ¿ i am not sure that this thermostate works in spain and with OH2? I can not see any binding for it.

Could you help me?

Thank you.