Lookin for Openhab compatible wifi 3 way dimmer smart switch recommendation?

I’ve been looking for a 3-way wi-fi dimmable smart switch that’s compatible with Openhab. I can’t seem to find anything but Tuya stuff that seems to require hacks I’d rather not do, any ideas?

Where in the world are you located? I have a favorite but they only make devices for North America.

EDIT: I missed you said Wi-Fi. My choice is Z-Wave.

Most all Wi-Fi switches are made to lock you into the vendor’s cloud services. Zigbee and Z-Wave are wireless mesh network standards that are local and do not require an Internet or cloud connection. Z-Wave devices are region-specific due to differing, incompatible radio frequencies used.

I’m in Ohio so in North America. Lol.

Would zigbee or zwave be compatible with Google Home? I’m still deciding whether I’m comfortable with a cloud service coming into my home like that but I’d like to keep the option open.

I am a little south east of you in Virginia.

Not directly but openHAB can talk to the Google home cloud service. Zooz has been helpful in getting their devices supported in openHAB. Their online store, thesmartesthouse, has a sale on right now.

They also have a section listing openHAB compatible devices.


Z-wave certainly gives you the most flexibility and the least reliance on cloud services (and Bruce’s suggestion of the Zooz devices is a good one for wall switches). I have a Zooz 3-way dimmer running some recessed LEDs and have been completely satisfied with its function.

But many people here also use wifi switches and then simply block the switch from the internet following installation via router settings. I believe the tp-link kasa line is a popular one that works reliably even after WAN connection has been severed. I know tp-link has 3-way switches but I don’t recall if they have a 3-way dimmer. On the other hand their 3-ways are actual 3-way switches and not a network connected master/slave as some systems, so you can pair one tp-link with a non-networked 3-way dimmer and at least have digital on/off control of the circuit, just not dimming control.

The other thing to take into account is how many of these switches you feel you may end up using. Wifi switches may be easier to set up and won’t require any additional devices, but if you are planning on an entire house-full you may wind-up taxing a single router and find yourself needing to expand that system with bridges or a new mesh network.

One nice thing about Zooz vs some other 3 way switches. Many other brands require their “slave switches” with their 3-way switch. Zooz lets you use regular switches on the circuit, saving money.

I am currently using a Zooz USB stick as my controller too.

I use Martin jerry 3way flashed with tasmota. These can be opened to reflash if guys convert does not work. I tie to openHAB with mqtt.

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