Looking for a battery-powered surveillance camera


I want to setup a security camera in my hallway. There’s no wall outlet nearby, so I would have to use a battery-powered camera. I’ve looked at Netgear’s Arlo and such, but they’re all very pricey and need an additional gateway yet again. Are there good alternatives without the need of a gateway and cheaper?

Can you run cat5/6 to the location and use POE? This would open up many more options and also save you from charging the camera.

Cameras do require quite some power so likely noone ever built one designed to run on battery (some spying equipment to probably be an exception).
Most ultimately run on 12V so you might not need a 230VAC outlet but yes you’ll need a dedicated power cable (or, as Matt proposed, power over Ethernet).

The Arlo cameras do it as mentioned by OP as does RING but my guess is the night vision will chew the battery life and you will soon regret going for a battery based camera unless they power down and use pir sensors to extend life. Also beware of cameras that only work with a cloud and then lock you into a monthly fee. Better to choose a camera that will be easier to get going in openhab, does not use a cloud only and uses POE. Look up the ipcamera binding in this forum as it is not an official binding and see the brands which are better supported, any of those are what I would look at as it will make your life easier.

Have you looked at the REOLink Argus (https://reolink.com/product/argus-2/)range camera, they run on CR batteries or solar… I’m sure not sure how you could integrate them

Very old thread, but still interesting.
Currently there are a bunch of ip cameras in the market with solar panels.
This does not help @lukkig though.

What these cameras have in common is, that they just wirk wit their proprietary App (which sucks from my perspective).
No webserver for access nor onvif support (Reolink specifically mentions that the web access is not supported on battery driven cameras due to power consumption.
However, the app does work, so if used carefully, the web access should be no issue in termy of battery. :frowning:

Hi, I have my REOLink Argus powered via the its usb port which is in the battery container but I haven’t tried to accessing via web url. I’m currently just using the app.

Thanks, Garrett.
AFAIK the battery driven Reolink ipcams do not provide a web interface - which is really a pity.