Looking for A Device with 4 binary ins + 4 binary outs


im looking for a device with 4 binary potentialfree inputs + 4 potentialfree outputs
i want to control some industrial sectional doors.

The Door Controllers Config:

Potentialfree Inputs: (connected to outs)

  • Momentary Close
  • Momentary Open
  • Momentary Stop

Potentialfree Outputs: (connected to ins)

  • is closed
  • is partial closed
  • is open
  • is partial open

any recommendations ?

Tinkerforge Binding with Tinkerforge Hardware:


thankyou, im looking for a zwave device, (have forget to write in my post)

As far as I know only available as input:


finally its working with 1x fibaro rgbw module

IN1 = door.state open
IN2 = door.state closed
IN3 = sendcommand close
IN4 = sendcommand open

parameter 14 = 52428

done without partial open & closed states and without stop command.
this would also work with a second rgbw module

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