Looking for a HIVE replacement

I guess this post is mainly aimed at UK users (but I might be wrong)

i am am looking to replace HIVE with a system that can utilize radiator valves, Hive doesn’t support them. From what I’ve read i think ZWAVE maybe the best way to go (but i am open to suggestions.

I am looking for a system that firstly will integrate with OH and secondly support radiator valves. I understand that I wont be able to call for heat on demand, but I am not worried about that I just want to be able to set different temperatures in different rooms and turn on and off remotely.

Any suggestions


Did you replace your hive or intergrate it with openhab

I havent managed to integrate it yet

Have you tried the hive binding for controll over hive works good here

I have the Drayton Wiser system.

You can have Thermostats and smart TRV’s

There is a addon for OpenHAB that I have installed and so far seems to work well, I only have a single Thermostat right now but I plan to add smart TRV’s in the future.