Looking for a name for sitemap2

For me that is not clear where that restriction is coming from.
It sounded like a personal wish from David.

  • it does not explain why that restriction exist.
    (I’m not saying there is no reason for it, just that it’s unclear to me.)


sitemap2 = s2

Sigh. Because I suggested same-like things before to the core and Kai denied. And he has the last word on core changes. I want to avoid the situation that the community comes up with a name like “awesome-sitemap-openhab-open-hab-hab-open” and then Kai says: No “openhab” cannot be part of that. Why do you always need to make things complicated?? Really. So much noise. Every-single-time.

Why don’t you easily name it: sitemap2, next generation then sitemap3, and so on… ?

Although it doesn’t get much love it seems I like this a lot! Makes me smile.

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Kai has it explained in the announcement for the reintegration of ESH:

Core should still be a framework that can be reused like esh was.
No need to discuss any further.
openHAB Distro and Releases can overrule that with whatever fancy name one wants to have.

I think that will easily turn into a mess when it comes to questions and you can’t separate which version is affected really.
Maybe users don’t know the version they are using or use the wrong numbering while asking questions.
A different name can clarify this in a very simple way.

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You have never mentioned that.
I can’t look in your head.
If you leave out crucial information, I will ask questions til I understand.

You have a clear vision (which I like)
You have an idea how to go forward, yet the way you have worded things in the past, it was impossible for me to see the difference between what you want and what has been set as guideliness for openhab.
In the last month I took many of your wishes a general guidelines and I found out later, it was only your own wish.
Since then when you don’t make that difference I leave out crucial information like the one above, I will ask clarification. As I want to understand why we are doing things.

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I read that when it was published yet I did not understand that part as we can’t reuse words of openhab. Even now, I can see it can mean that, yet I have to read it 5 times before I see that.

This is no strictly “can’t use” from what i read.
But above it was mentioned that there is the thought/will/need to add an rest api endpoint for this sitemap implementation, so anyone who implements the framework would hav a rest api that has a rest/FANCYOPENHABSITEMAPNAME/item in their api implementation.

So if it gets to implementation scenarios like the rest api, it should be a clean naming available.
I know we are all openHAB users and hopefully more or less proud to be part of the community, so this seems not necessary sometimes.
But from a framework perspective the argumentation is perfectly valid.

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Get away from any names about “sitemap” It´make sno sense to me, unless you alread know what a sitemap is. And it “smells” too much about html stuff (homepage, links… you name it).

Insted, name it for what it really is, (used for):

Front-end User-: layout/dashboard/panel/design/homeview/mainview/etc…

I would suggest to keep the “Front-end”, for specific telling the user, where this design is beeing used.


If an user does not know which version he is currently using, he better should do something other than home automation, such as growing flowers or vegetables.

I don’t care about the new name. Use what ever you want.

I like your idea, but front end is a very, very, very heavily used term for everything a user sees/interacts with. You will never find a post or documentation about it, because you will always find hundreds and thousands of threads. IMHO would that be one of the badest choices. :slight_smile:

Why no homeui option in the poll? I like it, its clean and self explaining.

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Where is the option “none of the above” in the poll? I’m not saying that I have better ideas or anything, but if you want to keep this an open discussion, that should also be an option that people can select.

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The name can be changed at any time later on. But the name (or a first suggestion) is required tomorrow already (the poll runs out midday).

CoCo or coco could be a nice name. Stands for Control-Cockpit.

I suspect you refere to a Google search or something simular. And I agree. But using a “known” name, would minimize the need to search Google for it :slight_smile:

Whats important is to keep this a simple and as clear for the user (admin) to understand. Sitemap does in my opinion not really qualify for either simple or clear.
The whole system should be spiltted into two pieces, (interfaces). One back-end, (the admin) and one front-end (the user). Both interfaces could be optional regarding designs, but admin doesnt have to, in my opinion.
Front-end should be as flexible as possible, from the very simple “sitemap like” design to the more advance “SVG designs, floorplanning etc”. But both should be build on the same core-enige (back-end).

Whats the different behind control the system (admin ie PaperUI), and control the system, (user, ie BasicUI/Habpanel)?

Thats why I dont like the word “Control”. From the tech advance user, both are controlling the system :slight_smile:

For me it’s just a nice “art word” and a suggestion, not a must have.
Although i’m not an advanced user i try to control my smarthome, ie if temperature is to hot. With one view in my cockpit i can see it. :wink:, but there’s no need to use it. Maybe i’m thinking about another Name.

How about:

OSCAR = operation surface, control and review

And the the successor of PaperUI could be called:

SAM = setup and maintenance