Looking for a name for sitemap2

Hello community,

as you probably know there are plans to unity Classic UI, Modern UI and the control part of Paper UI into a single application. Unfortunately the current sitemap mechanism is textual configurable only and the REST interface (that is used by UIs) is not prepared to support modifications. To be more user-friendly for newcomers the idea is that the future UI can however let the user manipulate the sitemap by a sitemap-builder or by live-reordering of sitemap elements etc.

For compatibility and migration reasons, the old sitemap and the new sitemap interface need to coexist for a time. This thread is about to find a name for sitemaps2, that can be used on the REST interface and in the user interface to distinguish it from “sitemaps1”.

This thread is NOT about to discuss if that makes sense. Please open a second thread if you feel the need to discuss that.

Cheers, David

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This refers to some graphical edit process…

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A dashboard maybe?


HABSite (in dependence of and coherence to HABPanel)

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I agree as it is more a Graphical Interface. and a wide used term.
Or HABdasH

Dynamic UI

The name is preoccupied at the moment with the very first page you see. But that page will be incorporated in the future UI, so the name will be free again. So dashboard is in the race.

I thought it could be beneficial if the name is not too far away from sitemap, as the two serve for the same purpose.

sitemap <-> sitelayout are different, but lead into the same direction.


It defines the blueprint for the different apps and UI’s.

Homemap. It’s a variation using the H from openHAB.


Some family relationship to popular HABpanel, similar purposes.

Map , layout , view , dashboard all give hints about what it does.

e.g. seeing as it hasn’t come up yet

For me, all HAB… names sound more like an engine or GUI, not an object…

Maybe something that points to the history of this decision, which is unity from what i read in the first post.

So i would throw in uniview which could easily be adapted to universal view for later explanations.

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Please keep in mind, that we all will write this name a hundert times in posts, mails, documentations, etc. :slight_smile: I would prefer something very short.

openHAB main panel = omp
openHAB site map = hap

just to add another suggestion:

HABHome or HAB-Home

Homemap as @JBIreland mentioned or Homeview

There are already nice suggestions. I’ll start a poll end of the weekend.

Please consider that the REST api endpoints are all-lowercase. Dashes are fine. Ideally the name openHAB (or parts of it) does not appear in your suggestion.

Cheers, David

openVIEW (I think this already exists…), habVIEW (@rossko57 we had the same idea; saw it too late)

Interesting restriction…then I would suggest just “home” as name. It is very intuitive for what a sitemap really represents…in my mind at least.
Alternatives are “home-ui” (but then the UI appendix makes it less accessible).

Yes, I’m curious about that too. In an “Eclipse Smarthome” world, it would make sense to avoid openhab-y branding, not clear what the driver is now.