Looking for a name for sitemap2

(David Graeff) #21

openHAB core is still meant to be used for solutions that build on top of it, it’s the same situation as before with ESH. But neither openHAB, nor open, nor HAB need to be in a sitemap-replacing name, does it? We can be more creative that that.

So far we have:

  • HABdasH
  • home (unfortunately disqualified, because that is reserved already)
  • omp (functionality not obviously related to a “sitemap”)
  • controller (functionality not obviously related to a “sitemap”)
  • Dynamic UI (so dynamic-ui for REST)
  • view
  • view-ui
  • view-panel
  • uniview
  • homeview
  • openview
  • layout
  • sitelayout
  • site-layout
  • site-ui
  • dashboard
  • blueprint
  • cockpit
  • homemap
  • homeui
  • board
  • panel
  • mainframe
  • control-panel
  • control-ui
  • vido

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(Vincent Regaud) #25

Control Panel

(marcel_erkel) #26

I think its important to choose a name which is pretty unique when used in the forum search. View, Layout, Dashboard, Board, Controller, Panel, etc. will for sure return hundreds of results which are totally unrelated to a ‘sitemap2’ related query. Even my suggestion of Blueprint already returns approx. 15 results which are totally unrelated to a sitemap2.

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(Al) #28

“vido” (which is esperanto and stands for view) or “habvido”

(Miika Jukka) #29

Unity, Unity UI or maybe UniUI.

This could be shortened to UUI in discussions. And forum search doesn’t give any hits.

(Jerome Luckenbach) #30

We got several places where uuid is a used term.
Many of the openhab cloud topics may contain some posts a bout it.
https://community.openhab.org/search?q=uui returns already in 100+ results.

(Miika Jukka) #31

A stupid mistake by me. I just tried “unity” and not the short version “uui”. But UUI is not the same as UUID. Wdyt?

(Jerome Luckenbach) #32

Correct, but each search for uui would automatically include every uuid since it has 3 identical letters.

(Miika Jukka) #33

That is true, but the result in not “bolded” text when it’s not perfect mach.

And when we have topics with words “uui” the search would mach those first.

(Scott Rushworth) #34

With the UIs moved to openhab-addons, would any part of this reach core?

(David Graeff) #35

I have removed all options with “open” (see restrictions) and condensed some of the options.

Yes. The sitemap concept is realized in core, not at the addon level.

  • dynamic-ui
  • view (also “view-panel”, “view-ui”)
  • sitelayout (also “site-layout” / “layout”)
  • site-ui
  • dashboard
  • blueprint
  • cockpit
  • control-panel (also “control-ui” and “panel”)
  • vido

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(YvesHanoulle) #36

I don’t understand why “Ideally the name openHAB (or parts of it) does not appear in your suggestion.”

Having a name relating to openhab, makes it much more unique on the internet. all names now, will result into many google searches not related to openhab.

(Hilbrand Bouwkamp) #37

My understanding is this is only about how to name grouping a set of things, not the name of a new UI. So I think a name that best reflect the concept to as many people as possible should be choosen so people easily can understand the concept. Differentiation can be done with UI naming.

(YvesHanoulle) #38

I don’t understand what you say. sorry

(Jerome Luckenbach) #39

David wrote it already.

(YvesHanoulle) #40

For me that is not clear where that restriction is coming from.
It sounded like a personal wish from David.

  • it does not explain why that restriction exist.
    (I’m not saying there is no reason for it, just that it’s unclear to me.)