Looking for a wake up zigbee light blub


does anyone know a light blub for a wake up light? I tested hue white and ikea tradifi white. Both of them have a mich to high initial brightness. They start much to bright. We all wake up to soon. It’s not a smooth wake up.

Do you know a light that starts at zero? Zigbee would be the best. Working with hue bridge would be nice.

I use some milights.
I control them with:

They can start very dim.

Does it start at zero brightness? That would be great.

But they are a non standard. I would prefer zigbee or z-wave. Something I clould combine with other brands.

Did someone try OSRAM Smart + or Müller tint?

have you tried Hue ledstrip?

No I did not. I like normal e27 or e14 light blubs

That’s not an issue with openHAB. You can integrate (almost) as many brands as you like.

You are right. I just want a fallback in case my server is down.
Do milight blubs have a CE-Label? I’m always a little concerned with china stuff.


Me too. But looking around my house and a lot of it is made in China anyway. There is no escaping it.
My concern with Chinese stuff if about security, not electrical safety. That’s why I use a home made milight hub instead the the “Chinese Cloud” connected bridge.

The bulbs will still work with a standard Milight remote

I use innr RB185C and the script here:

Starts with red and turns to bright white in about half an hour.