Looking for an 8 switch wifi relay

I am in search of a wifi relay with at least 8 channels that will work with openHAB and Habpanel with already available binding addon with very little editing to get paper UI to get it to work.

I need something that can do a combined 15 amps with all switches on and would like to have each switch work independently. Dont need anything with built in timers.

The board would need to be able to connect to a 12v power supply with live and ground wires.

Here is a diagram of how I think the final setup will be: https://imgur.com/XqE2x6S

How much DIY do you want to go?

I would use:

  • “8 channel, 5 volt relay” from your choice of amazon, eBay, aliexpress, etc
  • wemos/nodemcu

I don’t know if the esp8266 has 8 usable gpio channels - but esp32 based chips will work.

Then load it up with your favorite arduino+mqtt and you’re set. I have a 4-channel version esp8266 like this in my garage.


I just read your post better. You’ll want to find a 12-volt version! I believe the nodemcu can run on up to 20 volts. So 12 volt relays and a node mcu will do fine.

Mine in the example runs tasmota.


More editing:

The wemos d1 mini is what is in my picture. You can combine that with a wemos power shield which will work with a supply voltage of up to 24 volts.

I also just checked the tasmota firmware and it is configurable up to 11 gpio on the wemos. It’s compatible with MQTT so you will be able to separately command each of your 8 relays using the right MQTT messages…

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