Looking for beta testers for Mac menu bar app

Hey guys,

to pratice my programming skills a wrote a small app fort the macOS menu bar, that lists the things of your openHAB server with their current status: HABThings.

I’m looking for beta testers for HABThings. You should have macOS 13 Ventura installed. The app works on Intel Macs as well on M1/M2. The beta test is via the official TestFlight app of Apple. Please comment here and I will send you an inivitation link via dm.

Since it’s my first App that I publish, I’m not really familiar with the whole app validation
process by Apple – but it should work this way.

HABThings is and will alway be free because it’s just a simple hobby project. HABThings
doesn’t collect any data – it saves and reads the server credentials to/from your secure keychain.

You can review the source code on GitHub: GitHub - HarryLasVegas/HABThings

I’m looking forward to your bug reports and suggestions for future versions!

Thanks a lot!

Hi Harry,

Since I am a Mac user, I would be interested in your app.
I would like to help you and test your app. :slight_smile:

LG partytown

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Thanks partytown,
I sent you a message!

looks very nice in a Mac! hope one day someone will make something similar to Windows OS!

good job man!

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Thanks Ruben!

I’m currently looking for more beta testers.
Here is the public invitation link:

I’m looking forward to your feedback!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks all for beta testing. Apple admitted HABThings to the macOS App Store. So if you want to use it, here‘s the link: ‎HABThings im Mac App Store

I will close the TestFlight test next weekend.

Thanks a lot!