Looking for binding with Nice garage door opener

Looking for a binding to connect to my Nice garage door opener.
Looking at this document, it could be working through http binding, but not sure where to start.
Anyone has experience connecting to a Nice device ?

From your documents there are examples:


You can use the sendHttpGetRequest to send these commands to your door opener
All you need to do is find out at what IP address your opener is connected on your network.
And then follow the examples.
You can put these commands in a browser and see what happens.
Do the examples in your docs replacing the IP address with the one of your opener
Once you found the commands you are interested in you and your the action as mentionned above or the http binding

Thanks for your reply. I found the IP address through Bonjour browser.
I get the following response in the browser (Chrome) : “This page isn’t working. (IP address) didn’t send any data. ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE.”
In Safari : “failed to open page, server dropped the connection”.

These are the examples for models with a smart motor only.
Go though your docs from page 18, and try the examples.
What is the actual IP address and what command did you try exactly.

Don’t worry, it’s an internal local network address not accessible from the WWW, so there are no security issues in sharing these kind of internal addresses.