Looking for Bluetooth Low Energy Button

Hi there,

I hope someone can point me in the right direction.
The idea is to have a Bluetooth LE button - like this one - on the key chain so that one can open the garage door with a push on the button. I would like to connect the button to my Raspberry 3B (openhabian 2.4) via Bluetooth.

Would this be feasible?


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You realize Bluetooth LE and Bluetooth are 2 distinct protocols. I do not think they are compatible with each other although some Bluetooth radios support both.

There is support for those with the “unofficial Bluetooth binding” Link

Somewhere in the thread they get it working. Sorry, on phone, can’t find it

Actually, I wasn’t aware of this.

Could you suggest another approach?

I would use Z-Wave but I have other Z-Wave devices. Some use Zigbee based devices. you are then not limited to the very small Bluetooth LE range.

I’m fine with the small range of BLE.

I think the bigger problem could be the login delay of a Z-Wave button when getting home.
Will it be available in the network within e.g. 30 seconds as soon as it is in range?

With my smartphones WIFI I do have this delay - hence my presence detection rule sometimes triggers too late which affects the alarm system …

This is a real thing. Your rpi, the controller running openhab, would need to be near the edge of the house.

Or. You can use a separate rpi running Find
Works well but your complexity starts increasing.

Ok, I get your point.

What other solutions could one use for this scenario?

There are a number of options.

  1. Use rfxcom and a 433MHz remote.
  2. Using RPi Zero W hidden inside the garage where range will not be a problem. Using FIND3 and mqtt to let OH know.
  3. Find a zwave or zigbee buttong and bridge.

They’re all as “complex” as each other but that does not make it difficult.
You need to take your pants off if you’re going to do a number-2. That’s the price :slight_smile: