Looking for cheap single switch or wall plug

i got a working openhab2 installation with zwave on a pi. I am looking for expanding my home automation and want to add a switch (i guess thats the correct word?) or wall plug which should be able only to turn on and off by openhab. I found the fibaro single switch which is too expensive if you ask me (i got the dimmer versions, they are fine). Are there alternatives to it? What about a tplink HS100 for example, will they work?

I tried a forum search, with little success on this. If someone is more succesful i would be glad to get the link.

Thanks in advance!

Your question is probably country specific. I know in my native country, the only official options are Zwave and a Tp Link device, belkin wemo and a couple of other small player…mostly because they are certified and imported/sold via existing shops.

So it’s more a matter of seeing what you have available in your country, and then investigating if it integration with OpenHAB (or coming to the forum with a list of products available to you)

If you are in the US Amazon is blowing out there outlet plugs for under $10 - I do not know if they work with OH.

Oh yeah, i forgot about that, thanks for the hint. I am in germany…

If you are going for “cheap” either Sonoff or Shelly Switches are Solutions.
Both can be flashed with the opensource Software Tasmota.
If you hesitate to do the flashing this shop sells at least the sonoffs flashed.

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Check also Ikea trådfri if available, they are pretty good actually. Ikea announced cooperation with xiaomi, who also have great products. Then it is much easier to be in the same ecosystem.


The Sonoff flashed look like what i searched for, i will give it a try. Thanks for that.

Another great idea. Checking Ikea its available here. Can they be integrated to openhab without flashing?

Can’t say for Tadfri,but Sonoff and Shelly can be integrated without flashing. The downside is that they will rely on an external cloud service, which you might not want.

right… i want it to work offline. but the flashed version of sonoff seems to work in LAN?

Yes, flashed with Tasmota both Sonoff and Shelly work local. Regarding the Shelly I THINK their MQTT part can be configured to work local even without flashing, but I’m not sure on that one.

Trådfri works offline, but do buy wall plug with its little remote (you connect remote with openhab I think).
They are paired together and they work independent of any other system (great WAFactor, if all systems go down, you have the remote).
To connect trådfri to openhab you just need to have the trådfri gateway, and then you can control it from openhab, ikea app, google assistent, alexa… no flashing no tweaking, plug and play* (well, you need to set it up a bit)
Do a bit research on the ecosystem, a lot of people are satisfied with it, including myself. I think it is the next best thing after z-wave.

i understand… but i dont want to have another gateway besides Wifi and Z-Wave… i will go with Sonoff and give it a try.

Indeed, when enabling MQTT on a Shelly you thereby actually disable the cloud connection. No need to flash anything.

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If you have z-wave already, how about these telldus https://telldus.com/produkt/remote-controlled-outlet-telldus-z-wave/
or these Z-Wave TKB TZ67G ones, they both go for 25-30 e?

The reason I am suggesting all these alternatives over really cheap ones, is because I was in the same position as you, I even did some diy mysensors plugs, and modifying some existing etc.

But then I got kids, and I got persuaded by others on mysensor forums that it is just not worth it to save money on the devices that go into the mains (110-220v). If god forbid something bad happens, and it is possible that the device I opened and “modified” is the cause of an accident (I know flashing of sonof is really safe to do, you just solder pins and upload some software, I’ve done it, however…), I am not sure how would I handle situation myself, not sure I would ever stop thinking about “what if…”, “did I really do it right” and “was it worth it…”… My father is an electrician, and I’ve been dealing with high currents since I was 6, but now I just wont do it, I don’t want that variable around. By not opening a device that goes into the mains, I know I did not do anything to even potentially mess it up.

I guess I am too much of an boring adult now (I do some interesting diy projects still, but not on more then 48V DC :slight_smile: )


What excatly do you need? A Smart Wi-Fi Plug (=HS100) or a Single Switch (Fibaro FGBHS-213)?

Alternatives to HS100 are:

Silvercrest Wifi Socket SWS-A1 (Link1) (Link2)
EasyHome Wifi Socket DIS-124 (Link1) (Link2)
Orvibo S20 (Link1) (Link2)

or G-Homa EMW302WF and EMW302WFO, OH2 integration, see here.

A really cheap ON/OFF switch also could be an “Amazon Dash Button” (Link)

I am talking about both:)

I use Products from Homematic with CCU2 and OpenHab2 As an alternative for the expensive Homematic Power Smart-Plugin i use the TPLink HS110 with power messurement.

Can they be used and integrated to Openhab directly, without the need of a new gateway?

No gateway needed for them. They are WIFI switches and there is a binding for them. You will need the Kasa app for initial setup though.

What about Osram Smart+ Plugs based on Zigbee? Around 15€, no app needed…