Looking for cheap smoke detectors with openhab integration

(Robert) #21

You could check the Flamingo FA20RF

(Klaus Schuster) #22

I am looking for smoke detectors with wireless communication to each other.
I thought of using the last one in a modification just for getting the signal with an Relais. So I could implement in raspberry gpio pin the smoke detectors.
Perfect would be a potential free contact together with wireless function.
Are there any models out there?

(Lubos Trojcak) #23

Hi there, I’m looking for similar things smoke interconnect detectors, Honeywell have ti, but with closed protocol :frowning: so i’m looking forward for similar product, but with open protocol. Detectors have to expand range within each other, and any of them must be capable to share informations with setted communicator based on arduino …
thanks for all ideas … if solve it, or find related product, will post here…
have a nice day

(David Masshardt) #24

Did you find a way to receive the signal from an 433 MHz smoke detectors in Openhab? I would also like to switch to cheaper smoke detectors because more and more of my Fibaro smoke detectors are failing for some reason. I simply cannot buy multiple new smoke detetors every year for this price.

Is it maybe possible to receive the signal with this library? https://github.com/milaq/rpi-rf

(David Masshardt) #25

@halloween @lubo_ke If you are still interested in this I just found a good and cheap smoke detector solution. I’m using the König SAS-SA2002 smoke detectors: https://www.konigelectronic.com/de/security/alarm/anschliessbar-rauchmelder-en14604-550484149

To receive the signal I’am using an Adafruit Huzzah32 and a modified version of the RC Swtich Library. I had to do multiple modifications to the library because the signal from the smoke detectors is very different from e.g Intertechno remotes.

I also wrote some code to provide a REST interface on the Huzzah32 that could be used from Openhab to send signals (the smoke detectors could theoretically also be used as alarms this way) and to receive signals. The code is still in development, but I could share it if any of you is interested.

Edit: In the meantime I replaced the REST interface with an MQTT interface because the Webserver libraries were to slow or to unstable to handle multiple requests. The Huzzah32 is no also able to send data back to Openhab with MQTT. I will publish all my work to GitHub when I tested this.