Looking for in wall zwave dimmer

I have a Wallmote (2 button), that I use to control two lights. Its mounted on a face plate where the two switches once were. I would like something that would allow me to control the lights, but is in the wall instead of mounted above it. I’ve looked around, but can’t find anything that would allow to control two different lights from the same dimmer. Anyone have any sugesstions.

Not clear what you want, a dimmer or a switch ? Can you put lights in line or do you want to dim or switch them independent of each other ?
A Fibaro FGS-223 has 2 inputs and 2 outputs but it’s a dual switch actuator. If you want a dimmer a Fibaro FGD-213 can provide 1 output only but you can attach a 2nd input switch. Dual dimmers don’t exist AFAIK.

Sorry I wasn’t clear in my post.

I have two dimmable bulbs that I need to control independently. I’ve removed the original duplex switch that controlled those sockets and replaced it with a blank that the WallMote sits on. I would like to replace the WallMote with something similar, but is in the wall. I hope that makes sense.

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There is no inwall dimmable controller I’m aware of that also acts as a dimmer.

Why dont you just use your wallmote? Wallmote has Slide control for dimming functions and in conjunction with 2 x Fibaro Dimmers as suggested by Markus that would work for you.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t been able to find a “good” solution to the stacked/duplex single-gang switch box configuration - I’ve been struggling with this in a few rooms in my house. I think I’ve resorted to modifying the actual junction box to accommodate separate in-wall switches. In my case, i’ll need to expand a single-gang junction box to a double that currently has a stacked switch for the light and ceiling fan. If someone has a better solution, i’m all ears. But, I haven’t found one.

The WallMote works fine, but I’d don’t like the aesthetics. That’s the only reason I’m looking for something else.

Ok, so I guess I’m coming to the same conclusion as you: Such a thing probably does not exist yet.