Looking for IR controller (KNX or zWave) - any recommendations?

Dear all

meanwhile the smarthome has been enhanced with a home cinema - unfortunately I have to steer these devices with an infrared controller.

I’m asking for you recommendations: how can I send via KNX or zWave IR commands? I was searching around and found dozens of devices but couldn’t get an idea what will work well with KNX, zWave and OH2.

Maybe you also a binding to recommend?

Thanks a lot & regards

Does it net to be zwave or knx? What about Logitech Harmony hub?

Well, not necissarily KNX or zWave but these technologies are already in place and I’m familar with.

Logitech Harmony: some years ago I had one (square with display, cannot remember the model) which was an expensive piece of cr*p. But I’ll check the Harmony hub - thanks for this hint :+1:

You have Zennio’s KNX to IR transmitter . I’ve not used it personally so I cannot say how good, or bad, it is.

I recently got myself one of these broadlink rm3 blackbean things and it works perfectly in my oh2 setup using https://github.com/eschava/broadlink-mqtt and some mqtt scripting. Highly recommended as it’s only 20 bucks

Thanks @illnesse - I’ll check this device as well.

In terms of mqtt and scripting - I have no experience with that. Any hints where to start with mqtt and according scripting?


That looks pretty interesting since working out of the box with KNX. Will do a deep dive in it.

Thanks a lot @eurico_borges

		Item MQTT_AUDIO received command
        sendMQTT.apply("broadlink/audio/sony/" + receivedCommand, "replay")

var Number delay = 160
var Timer timer = null
val Functions$Function2<String, String, String> sendMQTT = [ topic, message |

    var String execResult
    var String command = "mosquitto_pub -t " + topic + " -m \"" + message + "\""
    execResult = executeCommandLine(command, 3000)

    logInfo("sendMQTT",topic + " " + execResult)
Frame label="Samsung TV Wohnzimmer"
		Switch item=MQTT_TV label="Power" icon="audio_playlist" mappings=[power="PWR"]
		Switch item=MQTT_TV label="Volume" icon="audio_playlist" mappings=[input="INPUT",mute="MUTE",volumedown="-",volumeup="+"]
Frame label="SAT Receiver Wohnzimmer"
		Switch item=MQTT_SAT label="Power" icon="audio_playlist" mappings=[power="PWR"] 
		Switch item=MQTT_SAT label="Volume" icon="audio_playlist" mappings=[mute="MUTE",volumedown="-",volumeup="+"]