Looking for power plugs with integrated energy measurement

Hello Community,

I’m looking for one or more power plugs to observe the power consumtion of some specific devices. For this purpose I don’t need the aplility to switch the plug, but it seams that this is the basic function of such plugs. Features that I would like too are measuring of the temperature and humidity. I searched the web for possible solutions but … well I can’t decide myself, so I write this post to ask the community wheater there are prefered solutions aspecially by using with openHAB.

I have an Philips HUE gateway, a Fritz!Box and of course WLAN. Because of correct of incorrect security reasons, I would prefer the communication via the HUE-gateway or Fritz!Box.

So here is the final question … are there some device that you (community member) could recommend or won’t recommend for this purpose and use them within openHAB?

Thanks, best regards and stay healthy

I have used a number of Fibaro wall plugs for years. They are small and have worked just fine. However, 50 euro/piece is a bit pricy. A few months ago I bought 10 Shelly Plug S. You can find them for 15 to 20 euro/piece. Even though I was a bit sceptical to wifi units, they’ve worked like a dream and are easily integrated with the Shelly binding. So, that would be my recommendation.

One option is the myStrom Smart Plug. WiFi, on/off, power consumption and temperature but not humidity. Works well with HomeKit, openHAB and their own app. Had those, but switched to hue Smart Plugs because I only need on/off.

Another option the FRITZ!DECT 200. But no temperature.

Z-Wave not recommended, would require RazBerry or Z-Wave stick.

Power plugs with temperature and/or humidity measurement are not offered for good reason.
The plugs itself are producing too much heat by themselves. Any measurement will only deliver crap.

+1 for Shelly plug S

+2 dlfor shelly.
I’ve got cheap dimmers and got the powermeasurement fot free

The myStrom Power Plugs measure temperature quite good. In addition one can define a correction

TP-Link has Kasa plugs that can measure energy consumption, and they can be controlled locally by the OH binding (so you can deny them Internet access).

I recently added a Broadlink RM4 Mini with a temperature/humidity sensor in the cable. Works great, USB-powered, relatively inexpensive, and I could use it as an IR remote if I ever feel the need. I think it can also be denied Internet access.

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