Looking for recommendations for PTZ Cameras (Preferably with Auto Tracking)

Hey guys,

I am currently using the Ubiquity G3 security cameras and am not thrilled with them. I don’t hate them but their video quality is not great and their NVR software can be a huge PITA. I came across a video that showed a Pan, Tilt, Zoom camera with auto-tracking (Not from Ubiquity) and I was hooked! That thing looked very useful and the picture quality was outstanding on the video I was watching.

As you can probably guess from having an OpenHAB system up and running, I am a DIY’er and can run wire, install, and program equipment myself (to some extent anyway). In other words, I do not want to pay an installer to do the work i can do.

Do any of you have any recommendations for PTZ cameras preferably with auto-tracking? They dont need to integrate with OpenHAB.

Any thoughts are appreciated!


Then why ask on an openhab forum? If you want to integrate them then you will need to choose a brand that is known to do good stable integration of ONVIF to be able to move the camera. The best place to ask would be on this forum which is run by blue iris so any camera that has bad onvif will not get recommended.

Thanks for the response and the forum link. If its not appropriate to ask non-Openhab questions in the Off-Topic section then forgive me. I know a lot of tech guys hang out on this forum and might know a thing or 2. I will check out that other forum.

I was curious so please don’t take it as an angry question. Your more than welcome to post and feel free to post more and let us know what you settle on.

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