Looking for smart switch to control ceiling fan with light

As per the subject, I am looking for a smart (double) switch to control a ceiling fan with light. Preferably Z-wave.

I built our house a few years ago and wired each of the ceiling fans using 14-3 wire (3 wire; black, red, white + separate ground wire) to enable the fan and light to be controlled separately from the wall switch. The fan/light combos are currently controlled with a conventional double switch in the wall box (2 slider switches, 1 is a sliding dimmer for the light, and the other a 4 position slider for fan speed).

I am now looking to replace the above double switch combos with smart (z-wave) switches with similar functionality to integrate with OpenHAB. The only problem is that I cannot find an equivalent smart switch anywhere. I have searched this forum and there are several queries similar to mine but all are a few years old. Those queries were unsuccessful. With ever developing technology, maybe something has come out since.

I have found 2 possibilities in my own Google searches, but neither are exactly what I want:

  1. Inovelli Red Series Fan + Light Switch (Z-Wave) - It has all of the functions but it uses a 2 wire installation and requires a module in the fan head which is not desirable.
  2. Zooz Zen30 - this looks promising. Double switch, dimmer for the lights, 3 wire, relay for the fan. Unfortunately it doesn’t control fan speed.

That is about all I could find. Anyone have any ideas?

thank you.


I feel like this came up again in the past few months, and the answer was “that doesn’t exist”. I’m not aware of any dual switches beyond the two you mention (I have a Zen30), and none that have fan-speed controls. It’s a very specific application, so I’m not entirely surprised that no one is doing this.

Your best bet is to just get two Z-Wave dimmers and then change one of them to have steps of 25% so that it’s effectively a four-speed switch.

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thanks for the idea. I will have to take a look at this. I think I am going to do some lobbying on the forums for the 2 devices I have listed.

Zooz customer support is very responsive and helpful, but I still question how many people would benefit from this specific type of device.

Personally, what I’d like to see is a dual switch that has two full-sized paddles. My Zen30 only takes up half of the 2-gang box in my bathroom, so I had to get a cover for the empty spot. However, I can’t fit two separate Z-Wave switches in, because I don’t have enough space in the box.