Looking for solutions for a gas bottle scale

Hi there,
currently I am planing to build an outdoor kitchen which includes a gas pizza oven and a built in sizzle zone, gas grill not included.
Due to a lack of a gas pipe I still need gas bottles and because of that I thought it would be really cool to be informed before a bottle is empty.
So my idea was to build in a gas bottle scale.
But the only thing I found online where stand alone devices which could not be included in OpenHab or in gas grills built in devices.
Maybe some of you have already built something yourself.
It would be perfect if you could come up with a suggestion based on ether zigbee, WiFi or Homematic.

Thanks in advance
BR Andreas

I had a similar question, have a look at some of the replies here.

I stumbled upon this entry by chance:

The site is in German, but based on your name I assume that shouldn’t be an obstacle…
I have to point out that I have no experience with this topic at all, but maybe you can do something with it


Thank you two for your comments, I will have a look at it and see if I can integrate it in OpenHab

google weight sensor pad
My idea was to put one in the refrigerator so I could check if I needed to stop for beer on the way home :rofl:

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Sounds Like a top selling idea I wonder why nobody come up with a solution like that before :rofl:

Will do but it first glance I did not find anything zigbee compatible.

I realized a scale for my water reservoir that waters the balcony plants. I think that would work for your gas bottle as well. A HX711 analog-digital-converter reads a weight sensor set and an ESP send it by MQTT to OpenHAB.

Sounds interesting may I write you an DM regarding details in german?