Looking for some direction regarding to What to say to Alexa

I recently purchased an ZW098-A Aeon Labs LED Bulb and have successfully added it to my Z-Stick. In the process I added the following 3 lines into my *.items configuration file;

/* Color Dimmers */
Dimmer Dimmer_Table2     "Table2 Dimmer"        [ "Switchable" ]  {channel="zwave:device:7d8e64cf:node52:switch_dimmer"}
Dimmer ColorTemp_Table2  "Table2 Color Temp"    [ "Switchable" ]  {channel="zwave:device:7d8e64cf:node52:color_temperature"}
Dimmer Color_Table2      "Table2 Color"         [ "Switchable" ]  {channel="zwave:device:7d8e64cf:node52:color_color"}

Alexa found all 3 devices and I can get the table2 lamp to dim between 0% and 100%.

But, I cannot figure out what to say to Alexa to change the color or color temperature.

For example; Saying “Alexa, Table2 Color Green” she responds; “1* 2 = 2, 2* 2 = 4, 3* 2=6” That’s when I say STOP.

Did I write my *.items file lines incorrectly?
Am I saying the wrong words to Alexa?

Any idea’s would be appreciated.




The ZW098 bulb is a complex device. your item:

Dimmer Color_Table2      "Table2 Color"         [ "Switchable" ]  {channel="zwave:device:7d8e64cf:node52:color_color"}

Should also be a color device

Color Color_Table2_Color      "Table2 Color Picker"     <colorwheel>    [ "Lighting" ]  {channel="zwave:device:7d8e64cf:node52:color_color"}

It’s very hard to control, You have to set ColorTemp_Table2 to 0 before you can control RGB values (otherwise it just sets “Warm White”).

i would get basic controls working before worrying about Alexa. You’ll probably need some rules as well. I’ve been fiddling with mine for a year or more, and I still don’t have it right.