Looking for switchable Powerplug with powermeter

Hi there,

I want to track the usage of my washing machine.
For this I plan to install a powerplug with powermeter.

I need this for two use cases:

  • Switch Power on and off
  • Use the power consumption to check if mashine is finished

I know there are a lot of devices supporting this, but which ones are tested and working with openhab?
Do you have any suggestions, what to use for that?

Thanks in advance.

Have you seen this thread: Washing Machine State Machine ?

one option is: https://www.itead.cc/sonoff-pow.html but i think that there are more listed in that thread.

This search was to easy for me, I searched for powermeter.
Thank you.

For a washing machine, take note of wattage ratings. Many of the power switching gizmos are not rated for heavy duty machines with heaters etc.

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