Looking for Testers for a new openHAB Device compatibility Database

Hello openHAB Community,

this is my first post here and I hope you’ll welcome me to the community. :slight_smile:

I’m currently looking for persons that are willing to test an app.

The app again is part of a new openHAB Device database I developed.

When I worked with openHAB the first time (around this time, last year) I wondered which devices are compatible with openHAB, regarding the existing Bindings.

And because there was no real source of information I started thinking about doing it myself.

Long story short: Have a look at www.indie-smarthome.com

Part of the concept of the site is an App that makes the maintenance of the database community based and efficient.

This App needs to be tested now by a bunch of users. I hope that some of you are supporting the idea.

So, if you have a Google account (necessary to test the first App release in the Play Store) then please simply contact me under AppTest@indie-smarthome.com and I’ll add you to the list of the first persons to be part of this new openHAB project.

If you don’t have a Google account, there’s still a way to help. But you need to ‘side load’ the app. And that’s a little more complicated than the ‘Google-Playstore-Way’.

However: Please write an E-Mail if you’re interested.

Greetings from Cologne!

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There is already the community maintained Z-Wave device database pf 1300+ entries used by the z-wave binding. Some entries cover several device variants.

Did you get the proper permissions to use the openHAB logo & trademarked name? @Kai personally owns the name.

The page for logo reuse implies there are no permissions granted yet.

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Thanks for mentioning this point.

Yes I spoke to Chris (and I also point to his great work on the website). He send me his data a while ago, and that founded the fist source of information in the new database.

Regarding the logo: I think the relation to openHAB and the purpose of the new DB is worth showing it. But, of course, if there’s reason to complain, i’ll remove it!

That data is also available read-only via an API. That is how it gets exported currently for the binding.

ATM, we cannot grant permission for using the logo within 3rd party Apps, as the process for registering the logo is not finished by today.

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