Looking for Zensys Tools

I’m trying to find a working link and download for Zensys tools. But google searching isn’t finding one.

Does anyone know where to find it?

Search is your friends… :wink:

First hit on Google


So weird. I hit up google a dozen time and couldn’t find it !!

The link does not work anymore. In my google searches i did not found anything. Do you have a working link?

It looks like the zensys Tool is now located here:
You have to choose “PC Controller”

You need an account for the download.

@marc_o @ptmuldoon

I have an account there (=Silicon Labs), but you need another subscription for salesforce.com to download it!

The current version of Z-Wave PC Controller (=aka Zensys-Tools) is 5.34.

I only have version 4.7 of the Zensys-tools from Aeotec support pages. And there they link to:

https://assistance.domadoo.com/file.php?id=1989 (=Version 4.7)

Does anyone have a newer version or a salesforce.com account?

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look at http://bugmenot.com/
the first account works very well :wink:

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Link to Z-Wave PC-Controller 5.38 is mentioned here.


I did eventually find it on the SiLabs website, version 5.39.
I had to download the SDK before it unlocked a link to PC-Tools.
Seems like I also had to register on the site.
Hope this helps.


Here’s what you need: https://www.silabs.com/products/development-tools/software/simplicity-studio.

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