Looking for zigbee usb controller, motion sensor and LED strip

I’m looking for a compatible zigbee controller and PIR sensor. I may be wrong, but from some of the things I’ve read about zigbee devices, compatibility between OH2, the controller and the peripherals. I found this link which lays out known supported controllers:

Is this a comprehensive list of supported controllers? Which PIR sensors and LED strip can I expect to work? The page does not list any of those.

I hope my questions are not too broad. Apologies, if that’s the case. I just need a little direction.

There are a number of PIR sensors supported and a number are listed on the page you linked. In general, I would expect most ZigBee lights to work without too many issues, and most motion sensors. There is always the possibility of course that something doesn’t work and we can try and add this - sometimes devices do strange things - eg the latest SmartThings motion senor reports as a flood alarm, so I had to add flood alarm support to make this work!