Looking for zigbee/zwave button/knob/dial

I’m looking for something like this:

so it has to be a potentiometer based (a dial, a knob…whatever you call it) and it has to work with openhab.
I would use it to dim certain lights, maybe set the volume of music…so preferably the “dial” should be a button as well, so if you press it once gives you one action, press it long or twice then it controls music volume etc…

Do you think this one from the link above would work in openhab? owon is a brand I never heard of, and its not cheap, 50eur.
If you have seen something like this (it can have other buttons not just dial) and know it works with openhab, please recommend!


@chris should know I think most Zigbee devices work.

Z-Wave would depend on your world region.

For Z-Wave there is a database of what all companies have produced: product database z-wave alliance
Choose the world region where you reside and browse the categories. Be warned that the category might not be correct in all cases, so check similar categories as well.

If you have a likely candidate, you may want to check against Chris’s database of supported devices here: device list Chris Jackson
If you have a match (and a distributor where you can buy the item), you are ready. If you do not have a match in Chris’s database, the device needs to be made known in the database. Follow the section “Adding new devices” here: Database Guide

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Although that list is supposed to be complete, I understand it is somewhat voluntary. But it is a good source for Z-Wave devices,

That might very well be the case, but it was the best source I could dig up
when I was looking for suitable devices for my needs a while ago. Hence it
might be helpful, hopefully.

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